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The PETA Executive are elected each year at the Annual General meeting which is held directly after the October Conference, and in the same location. The Annual General meeting is open to anyone who attends PETA and we encourage you to stay. All members of our assosciation are full time teachers who volunteer their time to bring worthwhile professional development to our colleagues in Nova Scotia. If you share a similar passion please contact us by email or speak to us at conference, we would be delighted to welcome new members.

The 2018 - 2019 Executive members are:

President - Ashley Chapman, teacher with CCRCE

Vice President - Jennifer Eisener, teacher with CCRCE

Treasurer & Vendor Liason - Beth Lamb-Hamilton, teacher with AVRCE

Secretary - Paula Turner, teacher with AVRCE

Registrar and Webmaster - Katrina Murphy, teacher with CCRCE

Hospitality Chair - Shannon Linney, teacher with SSRCE

Member at Large - Vacant

Member at Large - Vacant